Fortnite Tracker – Why You Should Have It

Fortnite tracker is a unique in-game live tracker tool for your seasonal and overall stats. It continuously updates your statistics in Solo, Squads and Teams while you play. This is the ultimate way to manage your time. Game modes Overview

In Team game mode, you get to manage the time you spend playing. With this, you can easily decide when to spend more time playing in Squads or when to go for a solo game. This will keep track of your daily progress in any given game mode. You can also click on Fortnite free download,Fortnite APK Download v13.40.0 free and play free fortnite games.

In a solo game, you can control the amount of time you spend playing. You can choose how much time to spend in Squads and Solo as per your preferences. This will help you track your progress and get a feel of your skill level as you move on.

In Squads, you can manage a group of other players and earn rewards. In Multiplayer mode, you can get an opportunity to work with other people to build up your skills. You can play this game anywhere you want to and it is recommended for people who prefer to work solo.

In Multiplayer game mode, you have to select what game mode you are going to play. It has become very popular among the multiplayer gamers to play Fortnite.

What More?

The benefits that you will enjoy as an online game player are endless. With its unique feature, you can track your progression in any game mode and get an insight of your skill level.

If you are new to Fortnite, then the Game modes Overview is an easy guide for you. It tells you about the various modes of game like Team, Squads, Solo, Free for all, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Free for All, Zombies, Capture the Flag, and others.

You can also try to play different types of game modes to gain more insights into them. You can select from the Free For All, Capture the Flag, Team, Free For All, Squads, Solo, and other categories depending on your preferences.


Once you become accustomed to the game modes, you will find yourself enjoying the game. Playing these game modes will become your favorite. Even though you cannot win them, the challenge itself is enough to keep you engaged. In Free For All game modes, you have to work as one team to eliminate all other players in one round.


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