How to insert the Activation Code for PCH Act Now

One of the best and most convenient ways to get the PCH Activation Code is to go online and use the PCH activation codes. These codes are very much similar to regular codes and thus one can easily get the right code that suits them. A few points should be kept in mind while using these codes. The best part about using PCH codes is that you can get the PCH activation code for free.

You just have to register to PCH website and then insert the PCH activation code. There will be a verification process that you will be required to pass. After passing the test, you will get a code that will fit your PCH. All you need to do now is enter this code on the payment gateway that supports PCH payment method. When you are ready to purchase the PCH, you will receive the PCH activation code as well.

How to Activate Your PCH

If you want to receive the PCH activation code directly from the manufacturer, you should use a PCH activation code generator. This device will help you generate the PCH activation code that will match the model of your PCH and other related accessories. It will be very much convenient for you to use this kind of generator to get the PCH activation code from manufacturers and dealers without going through the hassle of visiting a PCH store.

Apart from generating the PCH activation code for free, the generator also helps you find the right PCH product for you. Since there are so many products available today, it becomes very difficult for someone who does not know much about PCH to decide which one to buy. With the help of generator, you can get the right product for you in no time at all. You can check out different products and decide which one will fit your budget and needs.


Another way to get the PCH activation code is to visit a PCH dealer. Dealers will be able to guide you towards choosing the right PCH product that will suit your need. They will even show you the different types of PCH product that are available in the market. While buying your PCH product, you will be able to check out their pricing and choose the one that is best priced as per your need and pocket.If you want to know more about the PCH product, you can take help of any of the PCH dealer. or manufacturer. They will be more than glad to give you the PCH Activation Code that fits your need perfectly. You can buy a PCH product online and get it delivered to your home. So now you know how to activate your PCH product. You can learn and read more about it on

Tips to catch PCH scams

  1. When you receive a text, a phone call, or a bulk mail letter claiming you’ve received a major PCH award, that’s a scam. All the PCH rewards are awarded either by certified or express letter or in person by our popular Prize Patrol.
  2. You never have to pay for any prize to win. PCH never asks for money when they want to pay you. Only scammers want to extort money from you. So please be careful and feel free to cancel in any situation like this.
  3. Never provide your personal information or your credit card credentials. Publishers Clearing House never asks this kind of information. When you qualify, you will need to fill out an affidavit to prove eligibility.
  4. Always check the details of the mail before you reply to any mail or any post.
  5. Verify your win with the Publishers Clearing House. You should contact them directly with any issues.
  6. PCH never notifies your wins over Facebook message. The official page of PCH is verified by Facebook. It has got the official blue tick. So never respond to any message other than the official account.
  7. Never give out your personal information like income or birthdate over the phone. You could become a victim of Telephone sweepstake scams. PCH never pressurizes you to answer.

PCH ActNow details

Few details you need to know before you participate in the contest.

  1. Eligibility Criteria – The activation code is valid for the legal citizen of the United States. The legal citizen should be 18+.
  2. Reward: Prices range from $3000 per week or $1,000,000 cash prize.
  3. Sponsors: It’s always the Publishers Clearing House.
  4. Period Time: It always starts from the first day of the first month and ends on the last day of the last month.

How to insert the Activation Code for PCH Act Now?

Inserting the activation code is very simple, follow the steps to know in details

  • Step 1: First open the official link which is 
  • Step 2: Then enter the 5 digit activation code from the letter you received from PCH. Press “Submit Code” after entering it.
  • Step 3: As the page refreshes you will see your registration information. You will see your First Name, Last Name, Street address, email, and a few more credentials.
  • Step 4: Click “Continue” and you’re ready to go.

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