Open PDF File: 6 Incredibly Easy Ways

Open PDF File in 6 Incredibly Easy Ways. PDF or Portable Document File is a document file format that is a universal format across all platforms distributing bulky work. A PDF preserves the quality of the document you are sending, and it is readable in Windows, Mac, or Android OS. The PDF file format lets readers view the information in the text precisely and see the end product. Also, know how to open ai files and make your work easier.

open pdf file

If you are looking for ways to open PDF documents, look no further as this post will give you all available solutions, opening a pdf document is hectic, but the guidelines in this post will be helpful. Adobe Systems developed pDFs, and they carry the.PDF extension. The abbreviation stands for Portable Document Format file. Also, get more information on how to open ai files and simplify your work. 

A PDF file contains texts, images, hyperlinks, interactive buttons, videos, embedded fonts, among others. Documents like eBooks, product manuals, job applications, flyers, brochures, scanned documents, and other documents are distributed via the PDF format. You can also save Web pages as PDFs for future reference, and their full formatting remains. PDFs look alike and work the same irrespective of the tool you use to open them, which is because there is no specific software to create them.

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How to open PDFs in Different OS

Open your PDF file using the various OS that we will discuss below and keep the formatting clean. Meaning you will see the original information the PDF contains as it was sent. 

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows family, and it comes with a new browser known as the Microsoft Edge browser. You can now view all the PDF files by simply double-clicking on the PDF from the Edge browser.

Without the Microsoft Edge browser, you can download the classic Adobe Acrobat reader then use it to open and view your PDF. Below are two more methods to open the PDF file besides the Microsoft Edge browser.

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat reader

  1. You need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader, to your PC
  2. Launch the PDF reader program.
  3. Click on a file from the top left the corner of your screen then select Open.
  4. Navigate to the location particular PDF file you want to view.
  5. Choose the file to view then tap Open.

2. Use Windows Explorer

  1. Download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  2. Launch the Windows browser
  3. Location the file of interest
  4. At this point, Abobe reader should be running so you should click on the file, and the tool will automatically open your PDF for you

More Operating Systems

The Mac OS X is a built-in PDF file viewing feature in Preview App. To open a PDF file, double-click on the file in Finder. The Preview app gives you a basic preview of the document without any interactive content such as hyperlinks or videos. You must download Adobe Acrobat Reader to use it on your Mac device. iOS: View your PDF document on iOS and make a few adjustments like signing and marking using preinstalled Book application from Apple Store.

Android devices have no preinstalled PDF viewing features. However, Apple. If this application is not in your iOS, download it from ver, open your PDF online or download the applications available on the Google Play store and view your file. Adobe Acrobat Reader has a version for mobile users.

Open PDF File: Conclusion

PDF files can contain all kinds of information, and they have one thing in common; they are read-only files. They distribute bulky information, and they are the standard format that is appropriate to share official documents. Hopefully, you will no longer get stuck with PDFs. You cannot open it anymore. Tell us about your PDF experience in the comment box below.

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