Open RAR File: What and How to Open it

Roshal Archive Compressed file(RAR) is a compressed file that can hold one or more and folders. A RAR file like an ordinary cabinet that organizes other folders on your computer. However, it would be best if you had special software to open and get the contents of a RAR file, which is uncommon with regular folders. With many file extensions, you pronounce the extension letter, but you read “Rahr” as a word. Also, read more about how to Open AI File and stay ahead.

open rar file

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How to Open a RAR File

Without the appropriate tool to open a RAR file, and anytime you try to open it, you will always get a message like “Windows cannot open this file.”   RAR file was originally format of an archive program called WinRAR, and it is not a freeware. Before you decide to purchase a package, please bear in mind that there are tons of freeware RAR openers online to carry out the same task.

You can download and install 7-Zip, a tool that will assist you in opening RAR files. The tool will set it up on your computer and associate itself with RAR files. The presence of the tool on your computer will allow you to access and open your RAR files from anywhere. 

Follow these steps to open RAR files using 7-zip automatically. Launch startup menu and access 7-Zip from File Manager then navigate to Tools then Options. Click on rar from file types, then choose the + tab for the current user or all users. An icon appears next to the rar file in the list. Select OK to save the changes.

To open a RAR file with 7-Zip, you need to right-click on it from the pop-up menu then choose 7-Zip > Open archive. To deal with multipart RAR files, click on the different parts of the RAR file then select 7-Zip Extract files.

Besides 7-Zip, you can also open RAR files with more tools like PeaZip and jZip.

Open RAR Online

Download and install Keka from Apple Store to use or the Uniarchiver to unload RAR files on their devices. Another alternative is to Unzip Online. Using your web browser to open RAR files means that you don’t have to download any software.

Many users prefer WinZip because it is a Freeware to open RAR files, but it’s only a trialware. There’s no need to use trial software or buy a RAR extractor when there are lots of free tools online.

Uses of RAR Files 

You will only come across the RAR file when you download computer software. Websites that share data and software distributors can compress the data in a RAR file to compress. Compressed files are smaller, manageable sizes, which enables you to download it fast. You can split some RAR files into smaller sections for smooth transmission.

You can save download time and also protect RAR files with password encryption to keep your RAR files safe. Your documents are secure like any other data lockbox that you can only access through a password.

Use a RAR file to send a long list of files like photos. Instead of sending piece after piece, you can first compile them into a RAR file then send. After you open a RAR file, you access the data as you wanted.


Share bulky documents, photos, as RAR files. Don’t worry about space on your device, since you don’t have to download any software. You have the web browser option. Please leave comments or questions concerning RAR files in the comment box below.

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