Open TMP File: The Quick and Easy Way

Open TMP File easily and quickly. TMP is data that you find in a computer’s cache memory. The files are in .tmp extensions, and they are created to make more room for programs that need ample space like videos and music files. The data in a TMP file only remains in the memory of a computer for some time. Besides TMPs, there is more information on how to open tmp file here in Open AI File.

open tmp file

If the program was creating back up for closes, then its purpose is done. A computer holds the TMP file as long as it is useful to a program or application. When a program no longer requires the data in a TMP file, it automatically erases from the computer memory: Automatic deleting is the typical way to lose TMP files, but it doesn’t always happen.

TMP files hold different kinds of information in the process of installing an application. TMPs make more room for apps to avoid using up of vast space in the hard drive. Some programs need a significant memory, and that is where TMP files come to play.

The Word document is a perfect example of an application that uses the TMPs. After creating a new record, Microsoft Word instantly generates a temporary file to keep your data before you save any changes you make on a document. Automatically create a folder to temporarily hold all the changes you made in the record until such time that you keep the report. This way, your work is safe, even with an interruption of power or a system crash. 

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Steps to Open TMP Files

  1. First, identify the program responsible for the creation of the Temporary file. How do I determine the program? You may wonder how to identify the file. Do not fret because it is secure. The TMP file will because it will bear the icon of the program that created it. For instance, a document with the TMP extension built-in Word will have the Microsoft Word icon. However, instead of a .docx extension, it should have a .tmp extension.
  2. Right, click on the TMP file, to call a context menu
  3. Click on “Open With” from the menu and a sub-menu will appear, with a list of recommended applications.
  4. Select a suitable app to open your TMP file

More About Opening TMP Files

Some TMP files are not related to an application or program, and they are known as General Temporary File Format. You can open online using browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

A text editor is also another online tool that you can use to open some TMPs. In case you are unable to open a TMP file using the applications above, you can make use of a Notepad as a default tool.

Problems in Opening TMPs

When trying to open a TMP file by double-clicking it, you get an error message “unable to open this file?” This error should tell you that you don’t have the appropriate application to open it. The computer will give you suggestions such as use the internet to find a tool or download software to open it. Go for the internet search.

The TMP file that you are trying to open might have been created by an older version of the current program that is currently running the file. This issue is quite simple; Update your application to the current version and try to edit once again.

Why you are Unable to Open a TMP

You may encounter some issues while opening TMPs, especially GTMPs, and as a result, there is no particular application to open the file. Your best option is your internet browser. Below are more reasons why you might be unable to open a TMP file:

  • A TMP file will not open if its description was accidentally deleted from the Windows registry.
  • If an incomplete installation or improper installation of software happens related to the TMP happens then the software is not useful
  • Check your computer may be infected with malware that infects TMP Files.
  • Your TMP file might be corrupted
  • If your computer is not equipped with the right tools to open TMP files

Open TMP File: Conclusion

TMP files are safe. However, malware might target this kind of data to spread viruses across systems. Please stay away from TMP files from unknown sources and email attachment and never download them to your computer. For questions or more information about how to open TMP files, write in the comment box below.

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